Original, memorable and extremely funny, and inclusive playgrounds for commercial assets & public spaces. We take the Playgrounds to the next level.

The Rocket
A new wow in the Mall.
A new experience for the guests.

This is a success story.
Banana and
Our Masterpiece in Bilbao (Spain).
Take a look over this playground and check that it is much more than a game.
Exclusiveness (it’s serious)
In banana you will not find any catalogue! For us your needs generate a unique and special project. Exclusiveness exists and it is here.
Inclusive spaces
At banana we are always sensitive to people with functional diversity. That is why all our spaces are inclusive, where we all play together.
A home game
Banana was born from cabana and that brings us all its experience. Cabana is an architectural firm with expertise in commercial space. We apply all that wisdom in banana.

Some of our partners

We take the fun very seriously
Playing is essential to form better brains, bodies and social bonds that thrive. Playing can improve children's ability to plan, organize, get along with others, and regulate their emotions.
Urban rhythm
An inclusive space with games for everyone.
Pure allegory of the city.

“In our project at El Tormes Mall something magical happened.”

“A bond was created that endures to this day”