and why
'by cabana'?
Innovative playgrounds for commercial spaces
and why
'by cabana'?
Innovative playgrounds for commercial spaces

Our Values


Banana is, above all, a team of creatives who look for the best original and unique solution for your specific needs and goals. Have your very own banana Playground.

EU Production

Every banana process: design, manufacturing, workshop and suppliers are European. This is our standard for product quality and working conditions.

Certified (UNE)

Safety is first (and peace of mind is second, right?). At banana we deliver all our playgrounds operational and certified in UNE (EU) standard on site.


Banana was born from cabana and that brings us all its experience. Cabana is an architectural firm with expertise in commercial space. We apply all that wisdom in banana.


Our non-negotiable value. At banana we are always sensitive to people with functional diversity. That is why all our spaces are inclusive, where we all play together.


From the beginning, we want our playground to be open, we want parental participation to be essential, and we also want it to bring value to the community as well as to the Shopping Center.

Go green

At banana we are continuously working and researching to make all our processes greener, from the design (office) to the delivery of the project (construction site).

Big Team

The most fun of banana is that we are a big family. In each project converge the know-how of architects, manufacturers, interior designers, designers, technicians, builders...


Banana playgrounds are always a promise of fun and learning. In them we program stimulations, physical challenges, parallel contents, motor skills...

Six Years

Thanks to our design and manufacturing values, we are proud to provide our customers with a six-years WARRANTY on our playgrounds. We also assist the mall with any other detail. MORE thing

Success story

In our project at El Tormes Mall (The Rocket) something magical happened.

The banana team imagined that this playground would go much further. We envisioned that The Rocket would have a wow opening, presence in social networks, activities... All this was the basis for the marketing strategy of the center, recognized later as a finalist in the Solal Awards and what is more important: a bond was generated that is still alive today.

Marketing Strategy

This is the master key. Banana, in its work, develops and proposes a complete and multichannel marketing plan for the playground. In this plan, we prioritize real experiences through events, workshops, talks, cross selling, synergies with the mall's campaigns, etc. The playground is a brand, use it!


Banana playgrounds are living projects. That's why we develop plans so that "something is always happening" in our spaces. From heroes actings related to the project, to visits of valuable entities (Greenpeace, ESA, etc.), and recurrent fantastic recreations.


We all know, non-physical presence is key, for banana too. We design strategies and contents so that the playground generates its own traffic and interest: campaigns, cycles, contests... The playground becomes a new actor in the mall!

Wow opening

If we want to do it, let's do it right! A fundamental part of our understanding of retail is the bond with the user. We propose that our projects have a campaign focused on the opening. The opening has to be a memorable event. That event nurtures people's bond with the game and therefore the center.

Augmented Reality

At Banana we are non-conformists. Our playgrounds bring extraordinary value, but we want to go further. What if? Banana proposes for its 'bananaBOOST' playgrounds two layers of augmented reality. The user will be able to access AR content from his cell phone. They will be able to see how a huge whale crosses the center a few meters from them, or play mini themed games related to the banana playground.