LUP | Limitless Unvelievable Playground

Banana LAB
154 m²

An outdoor intervention is carried out at the west entrance of the El Saler Mall, where the LUP playground will be located. It is the generation of an anchor (playful) at this point, a mark on the map that shows the place to go.

It is located in the most neighborhood side of the mall, so it has as main values to be a convivial place: a livable and playable installation in many different ways for all genders and ages.


It is a large tongue that undulates along a circular route. Along the way, this tongue is full of attractions and obstacles, generating an infinite loop of fun. The different heights of the undulations, give rise to spaces in which to develop various activities. It becomes a meeting point here to play, feel or share the place. Each zone of the artifact is designed for a different age range. In this way we create spaces for both younger and older children to enjoy and have fun.